100 Things To Do in Malindi

View a list of 100 Things to Do in Malindi. From biking & food tours to art festivals. Visit Malindi and check them all off

  1. Take a stroll on Malindi Jetty – Also known as Buntwani Pier. Located to the right of Malindi Sea Fishing Club along Mama Ngina Road, it offers spectacular views of the coastline. Soak up the scenery and enjoy a picnic on the beach.
Malindi Jetty (Buntwani Pier)

2. Explore Malindi’s Oldest Museum – Located next to Uhuru Gardens, drop in and dive into the past. Learn about underwater archaeology along the Kenyan coast and the history of the Swahili people.

Malindi Museum

Gaze at famous Vasco da Gama pillar – This bell-shaped architecture stands majestically on a cliff and is one of the oldest European monuments built at the East African coast in 1498.

Vasco da Gama Pillar

Whisper a prayer at the Portuguese Chapel – built over 500 years ago, this humble chapel overlooks the graves of sailors and prominent people in the compound.

Portuguese Chapel

Ride a Bajaj (motorbike) on the beach – quickest mode of transport and most enjoyable, with the panoramic ocean view and the cool salty sea breeze against your skin.

Bajaj Ride on the Beach

One-of-A-Kind Tourist Market – Creativity abound! Shop to your fill on various souvenirs and mementos from any of the scores of stalls within the market.

Malindi Tourist Market